0031 Allow All Staff to Create Rfcs

Allow all staff to create RFCs


Grant all Arch Linux staff members, not limited to those in packaging roles, the privilege to initiate RFCs directly, aligning with the broad range of topics these documents encompass.


The RFC process, as outlined in "Using RFCs," aims to enhance transparency and leverage the full spectrum of community expertise, covering a broad range of topics beyond packaging. The current requirement for RFC initiation, namely support from a Developer or Package Maintainer, unintentionally restricts contributions from non-packaging staff.

Considering RFCs address various aspects of our distribution beyond packaging, the eligibility criteria for who can support and propose an RFC within our staff should reflect this diversity.

The principle behind the initial RFC requirements remains valid: securing a staff member's endorsement for an RFC is essential. This endorsement serves not only to validate the idea but also to ensure it is guided through the distribution's structured processes.


We propose the following amendment to the RFC process documentation to reflect this inclusive approach: The term "Developer or Package Maintainer" will be updated to "Arch Linux Staff" across relevant sections of the README file in the RFCs repository.



Unresolved Questions


Alternatives Considered

  • Status Quo: Continue restricting RFC support exclusively to packaging staff. This approach would necessitate non-packaging-related RFCs to seek endorsement from packaging staff, even when the proposals originate from within our distro staff.